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When I started at university, I wanted to continue with babysitting because I love children and the flexibility of the job means that I can focus on my studies.I found that it was quite hard to find families to babysit for when I moved from home, which is when I found Babysits.There will be a short cutscene showing Derrick pulling up in a Squalo speedboat.After the cutscene the player will be at the wheel of the boat with Derrick at which point he tells Niko they need to get to a boat anchored off the northern tip of Alderney.Get the kids to bed and the house clean before the parents come home. Babysitting mania is where cleaning up kids messes and sending them to time out becomes sort of fun.( though repetitive) I really enjoy the level of challenge in this game though sometimes it became to easy to switch off and go through the motions of play.No story line was needed really once you completed a level there was no reword sort of like the real world, you just glad you get a break before the next house.The game itself works smoothly and the graphics are okay.

Babysitting Mania starts you off slow but soon you will have to face a barrage of kids, Birthday parties and huge houses to get in order all before bedtime!Derrick and Niko immediately start open firing on the attackers, aiming for their engines for easy destruction.When Kim veers east and passes under the East Borough Bridge, that connects Bohan to Charge Island, he picks up another attacker, a helicopter, or as Derrick calls it, the "airbourne cavalry." Niko then stands on the deck of the speedboat and arms himself with the rocket launcher that is onboard and fires rockets at the helicopter until it is destroyed.You have to collect rubbish, wash clothes, change diapers on babies, tidy up any mess and timeoput the children, whilst the parents are out. I truely enjoyed the game, however i got bored after 45 minutes, as it was very repeative and nothing different happened so you knew everything that was coming.I would recommened this game but i woudn't buy it straight away, as i know some do.

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