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& v.) smile aven—(v.) call avende—(n.) tree(s) Avendesora—(n.) the Tree of Life; chora tree Avendoraldera—(n.) an offshoot of Avendesora found outside the Waste a’vron—(n.) watcher(s) ayashiel—(n.) fowl ayend—(n.) refers to the dead, those who have passed, those who have released their mortal coil; a root word related to ayende and allende ayende—(v.) release/free ayend’an—(prep.) of the fallen or the dead azafi—(n.) canvas B Ba’alzamon—(n.) Heart of the Dark ba’asa—(n.) your heart, devoted one bachri—(n.) bread badan—(n.) bath bah(a)—(n.) box(es) baichan—(adj.) sticky baid—(n.

& adj.) self baijan—(n.) attack Baijan’m’hael—(n.) Leader of the Attack bairnu—(v.) crack bajad—(n.) spawn bak—(adv.) how bal—(n.) circle balad—(adj.) slow balfone—(n.) a musical instrument of the Age of Legends balt—(n.) essence, root or heart balthamel—(n.) “essence of youth”;·name of a Forsaken banta—(n.) seat baroc—(n.) hour basho—(prep., adj.

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& v.) attempt gorista—(v.) use gouql—(v.) look gozai—(n.) chest graedo—(v.) please graen—(n.) pleasure graendal—(n.) vessel of pleasure; name of a Forsaken greal—(n.) the power to channel griest—(n.) rail grolm—(n.) a fierce Seanchan animal used in battle gruget—(v.) stretch gubbel—(adj.) feeble gwiltor—(n.) wire gurupat—(n.) oath H haar—(n.) opinion habish—(n.) hearer hadori—(n.) a Malkieri headband hadzi—(v.) cause hael—(v.) lead hafi—(n.) part Hailene—(n.) a Seanchan term meaning forerunners, Those Who Come Before hakhel—(n.) nail hama—(n.) dancer(s); implies particular grace and fluidity, a stateliness Hama N'dore—(n.) Mountain Dancers: Aiel warrior society hanol—(n.) wound har(an)—(n.) hand harben—(v.) take harvo—(v.) pump hasta—(n.) paste hathi—(n.) muscle havokiz—(n.) invention hawali—(adj.) wide heatsu—(v.) join heesh—(adj.) smooth hei—(adv.) always heinst—(v.) send hessa—(n.) forgiveness hessalam—(n.

& adv.) under bat—(prep.) against batthien—(adj.) hard bazam—(n.) arm beatha—(n.) art bebak—(adj.) quiet begoud—(adj.) bad begrat—(v.) swear begratanae—(adj.) sworn be'lal—(n.) “desire to have”; the Envious, name of a Forsaken belo—(v.) desire beratam—(n.) distance betakai—(n. & adj.) front bhadi—(n.) company bhan—(n.) eradication or annihilation Bhan'sheen—(n.) a Trolloc band; literally, bringers of annihilation bhardo—(n.) building bhashan—(n.) hearing bhoot—(v.) screw bhuk—(n.) doubt bideli—(n.) form bift—(adj.) still bighar—(adj.) conscious bijoun—(n.) flower binti—(adj .) delicate birok—(n.) beet blagh—(n.) book bloobh—(n.) stomach boan—(n.) female ideal of beauty bodong—(n.) rhythm boesin—(n.) floor bokhen—(adj.) ill boko—(adj.) fat bolar—(adj.) special bolga—(v.) talk bopo—(n.) baby borz—(n.) coal botay—(n.) male ideal of beauty brett—(n.) letter breudon—(n.) suggestion brith—(n.

& v.) kiss brynza—(n.) cheese budhvai—(adj.) liquid buggel—(v.) play buido—(n. aux.) do; as an intensifier; e.g., Lyet ye means “I come”; Ca’lyet ye means “I do come” caba—(n.) horse caba'donde—(n.) a horse to ride caba'drin—(n.) cavalr y/horsemen caballein—(n.) horseman; also used to indicate a free man cadi—(n.) cloth cadin—(n.) clothes cadin'sor—(n.) working clothes, worn by Aiel cafar—(n.) vicious creatures from the Age of Legends; mentioned by Sammael caili—(n.) skirt cair—( n . & adj.) red calazar—(n.) harbor caldazar—(n.) red eagle caledon—(n.) metal calhar—(n.) red hand calichniye—(interjection) welcome Callandor—(n.) The Sword That Is Not a Sword, the Sword That Cannot Be Touched ca'lyet—(v.) do come canant—(n.) news cantheal—(n.) train capar—(n.) a large, hairy boar-like animal from the Aiel Waste car—(n.) chief car'a'carn—(n.) chief of chiefs; capitalized, the Aiel name for the Dragon Reborn carai—(n.) honor; can be used in the sense of “for the honor” carentin—(n.) worth, or, of an equivalent value carn—(n.) chiefs carneira—(n.) a Malkieri's first lover casgard—(n.) ornament cassort—(adj.) married cavastu—(adj.) angry cemaros—(n.) great winter tempests from Sea of Storms cha—(n.) talon, claw Cha Faile—(n.) the Falcon's Talon: name taken by Faile's followers chaki—(adj.) bitter chalin—(adj.) sweet chalinda—(n.) sweet girl; an Old Tongue name given to Min by Siuan chalot—(v.) claw chanda—(n.) soup chanukar—(n.) island chati—(n.) breath chatkar—(n.) prose chegham—(n.) rate cheghar—(n.) credit chekrut—(adj.) violent chelan—(n.) roof chenal—(n.) support cheta—(n.) face chicaba—(n.) engine chiema—(n.) winter chinje—(n.) a wheel used in gambling, perhaps like roulette chinnar—(n.) body chinti—(adj.) small chitzi—(v.) sneeze choba—(complex word form) used in a formal greeting to the Ogier, meaning “to the humble one before you” chora—(n.) a construct from the Age of Legends, a beneficent tree choryat— (n.

& adj.) five, a quantifier of material objects chorye— (n .

& adj.) five, descriptive of the immaterial, such as ideas, arguments, or propositions choshih—(complex word form) used in a formal greeting to the Ogier, meaning “to the unworthy one before you” choss—(n.) something hauled away on farms, i.e., manure; spoken of by Sammael choutsin—(adj.) strange chukhar—(v.

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