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Sami then kidnapped Belle and planned to put her up for adoption so her dad would not have a constant reminder of her mother's affair. John found the baby and reunited her with her mother. As soon as Bo and Hope figured out that Arnold was an imposter. and Stefano in exchange for immunity and witness protection. However, shortly after their return, John was arrested on corporate embezzlement charges, loosing most of the Salem PD's pension funds. The plan worked perfectly, until Brady convinced Madison that the plan was too dangerous for Sami. Worried that she was in too deep to get out, Sami begged Madison to reconsider.

When he realized what had happened between them he told her it would never happen again and Sami left town. As Rafe went off to look for Johnny, Sami went to confront E. Furious, Sami ordered Rafe to move out of the apartment. Sami tried to explain that the scam ended a long time ago, but Kate wouldn't hear it. As controlling partner of Countess W, Stefano removed Kate and gave Sami the job. Eventually, both parents fully supported Will and the three were beginning to act like family again.

She came back to town a bit later to interrupt her sister's wedding to Austin and announced she was pregnant with the groom's child. Austin did all that was possible to help Sami both emotionally and financially while Sami did all she could to keep Austin and Carrie apart. Will was angry when he heard that Sami kicked Rafe out for a kiss, when she had slept with E. Will confided in Sonny, and Rafe overheard the conversation. Kate told Sami that it would only be a matter of time before the police found out.

Franco pursued a stripper Candi while still engaged to Sami. " Franco was found dead in the Kiriakis living room, and Sami held the murder weapon... (Lucas actually killed him.) Sami was convicted and sentenced to the lethal injection. grieved with Sami and eventually felt sorry for Sami and brought Sydney home.

Austin caught Franco making love to Candi in a sleazy motel, and told Sami a few minutes before her wedding to him. Austin took Sami and Will out of Salem, and went on the run from the law. But still angry at Sami for lying in the first place, E. teamed up with Anna to kidnap Sydney from Nicole and make everyone- including Sami- think that Sydney was dead.

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