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Ferry operator Seastreak has refurbished the vessel Ocean State for the 2018 season and agreed to add night trips during Waterfire lightings, according to a news release Monday. The price of tickets remains the same: for adults and for children, seniors, and people with disabilities.

-- The Providence Newport ferry is back earlier than ever this season and will be making its first run through Narragansett Bay Friday.

The most famous of these were probably the examples operated by Samuelsons in London and St Helens Corporation.

There were minor detail changes to both front and central entrance versions in 1961, but you really have to look hard to see the difference – a tiny destination blind incorporated into the front bumper is the most visible clue.

By 1962 orders for both Britannias and for the Donington had reduced to a trickle due to competitive pressure from the much more stylish offerings from Plaxton and Harrington.

Duple realised that it was losing its share of the heavyweight coach market, dumped the Britannia, Donington, Willowbrook Viking and Viscount, and the entire sadly bastardised Burlingham range from the catalogue, and replaced the lot with the Commander (with vertical window pillars) and the short-lived Commodore (with a "Bella" style raked back pillar towards the rear).

Yes Neville, I assumed that the draughtsmen who wrote "Donington" on the drawings knew what they were doing!

I didn’t actually say it was replaced by the Britannia but my choice of words was perhaps unfortunate.

The same thing befell the Sheffield Transport Leopard/Burlinghams which were DP because they were based on a modified bus design rather than the Seagull – but they were really just as much coaches as their Weymann Fanfare and ECW contemporaries. From an operational point of view, the issue of whether a vehicle was a C or a DP generally depended on three factors: use, seating and livery.

Reference the comment above about Willowbrook model names being recycled, Park Royal also did this with the name Royalist though the second version was anything but successful, not helped by being initially built on a second-string chassis rather than a front line player.

You’re quite right, Andrew, there were several versions of the Britannia.

Both models were replaced for the 1963 season by a choice of either the (Hendon built) Commodore or (Blackpool built) Commander.

Dual purpose options then became the preserve of the Willowbrook subsidiary and were built to "BET standard" design.

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