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The main character is the eponymous Homestar Runner, a goodhearted athlete with no arms and no clue. I was supposed to sell you to the glue factory and whatnot! However, Strong Bad, a narcissistic, loudmouthed "wrestleman" with a Luchador mask for a face and boxing gloves for hands, seems to have exceeded the title character in popularity. During production, Shakur advised Rourke when he was having a difficult time in his marriage. what a joke.i heard mixed reviews about this movie so i decided to go in without expecting much and i was pleasantly surprised. it may sound cool to be hard and tuff but watch this movie.See more » since i watched the wrestler i've been on a kick of renting mickey rourke movies and aside from the wrestler i'd say this is his best performance i've seen so far. he shows so much emotion and still pulls off the whole tuff guy bad ass thing. the guy who plays bullet's older brother also really stands out to me. i think the main intention of the movie was to show kids what street life can do to people (which of course had been done before in other films but its still good).anyway...The most popular part of the site is the (aka "sbemails"), where Strong Bad responds to viewers' questions and suggestions, such as "Why don't you creat a montage? ", "What would you do different, if you could do it all over again? Strong Bad: Then how come I can't understand a lick of it? However, in late 2011, Matt confirmed via his Twitter page that the series has not been cancelled and that future updates were coming "sporadically and without warning" (and went so far to say that nobody in their right mind would voluntarily quit making .

Since the birth of Matt Chapman's second child in November 2009, the site's flow of new content trickled to a halt. “Over six months of my life has been lived inside the Big Brother house. What's up, Nic -- and then they kissed and I was like... This pretty little project is my Spring Meadow Table Runner which I designed for Martingale. For my runner, I chose an unexpected color palette of yellow, pink, purple and gray.Enraged by Butch's affront and already determined to get revenge on him for a past wrong, Tank sets about getting even with his old enemy by hiring a hulking brute, Gates to beat Butch.When the confrontation occurs, however, Gates breaks his hand on the battle-hardened Butch.

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