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In addition to BIOS version, you also need to know the model of your motherboard.You can see the model of your motherboard by using any hardware information tool such as Speccy or CPU-Z.Almost all versions of BIOS have update notes available on the download page so you can easily see what issues does the update fix.When you download new version of BIOS it will be stored in an archive, so you’ll need to extract it first.After finding the version of BIOS that you’re using, you need to download the new version from your motherboard manufacturer’s website.Go to Support or Download section and select your motherboard model.BIOS is gradually being phased out for a similar system called EFI or UEFI (Unified / Extensible Firmware Interface).

Because the updates are different for each manufacturer you will need to carefully follow the instructions and make sure that you are using the the correct update.Flashing your BIOS is an advanced procedure, and if you don’t perform it properly you can cause major damage to your PC.In most cases you don’t even have to update your BIOS unless there’s a major problem with your hardware.Sometimes BIOS update brings support for new hardware, such as support for new CPUs.Another benefit of BIOS update is improved stability and potentially new features such as overclocking.

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