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The colour of a sediment is the most immediately visible property, and can indicate more fundamental differences in composition, such as mineralogy.

Identifying the colour of a sediment is essential if the lithology is to be fully characterised.

Proterozoic Eon (occurring between 2.5 billion and 541 million years ago).

After the Precambrian, geologic time intervals are commonly subdivided on the basis of the fossil record.

Lithofacies associations, landform-sediment assemblages, depositional processes, syndepositional tectonics, landsystems, and geochronology are combined in a hierarchical structure to form a ‘stratigraphy’, through which the history and patterns of past glaciations and their associated environments can be reconstructed and interpreted Therefore, for a sedimentological investigation, the overall facies architecture and different lithofacies associations are mapped, logged and described in detail.

It is important to separate detailed field description and labelling from genetic perspectives and terminology. Lithofacies associations can be analysed in conjunction with landforms to create sediment-land for associations. Sediment-landform suites are indicative and characteristic of specific styles of glaciation (‘glacial landsystems’), such as surging glaciers, ice streams, plateau ice fields, sub-aquatic landsystems, and active-temperate terrestrial ice margins. British and Fennoscandian Ice-Sheet Interactions during the Quaternary, Unpubl. Department of Geography, Durham University, Durham, 502 pp. Rawson, P., Allen, P., Brenchley, P., Cope, J., Gale, A., Evans, J., Gibbard, P., Gregory, F., Hailwood, E., Hesselbo, S., Knox, R., Marshall, J., Oates, M., Riley, N., Smith, A., Trewin, N. Lithostratigraphy must take a hierarchical approach. They highlight gradual, particularly vertical, trends, and provide a representative summary of exposures. Submarine landforms characteristic of glacier surges in two Spitsbergen fjords.Detailed sketches of macro-scale features such as deformation structures can provide information regarding the genesis and depositional history of glacigenic sediments. H., Christensen, O., Hansen, L., Lebesbye, E., Forwick, M.

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