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“Sam’s like a regular person, except maybe richer.” Levi’s attachment to Shepard and Lange made the trip to New York for Country’s premiere even more enticing.The Disney Studios, which produced the film, put up Levi and his mom at the Plaza Hotel. When they arrived, their three-room suite had been reserved by Walter Mondale, who was in N. for a meeting with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko.Jaime and Ken work together and this is a first date.Inez and Gord invite his roommate, Dave, to join them.By the time each couple has gone through a prelude, foreplay, sex, an interlude, orgasm, and afterglow, they've answered basic questions: can sex be anonymous, are we bored, is our marriage really finished, does anyone tell the truth, and how do we make someone happy?The infamous "Dirty Talk" speech was the only thing written while both writers were in the same room.Levi’s blue-green eyes fairly glow at the memory: “Sam throws open the barn door, pushes me into some sheep, then picks me up and throws me again.” Numerous takes were required.

He looks like a spooked calf about to face the rope at his first rodeo. Knebel may have his feet in the Big Apple, but his mind is back home in Dunkerton, Iowa.

Last October Levi was just a typical high school senior when he heard that Lange and Shepard were coming to town to make a movie about farmers.

He figured he might get a job driving some of the farm equipment.

“Sam kicked me with his boots right in the butt,” he says, grinning.

After shooting, “Sam gave me a hunting knife, and I gave him an Amish hat,” says Levi.

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If they don't interconnect - what stops it being five short films inter-cut? You don't have to waste screen time setting up clunky "small world" co-incidences (car crashes being the flavor of the month).

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